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Informational Enlightenment

AuraEnergy Photography - Intuitive Health Assessment

AuraEnergy Photography - Intuitive Health Assessment

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All  living things vibrate with a certain energy biosphere. This energy  stimulates a person's aura type. Knowing the meaning of the aura  presentation allows one to identify energy levels, breaks or depressions  in wellness, and phases of chi-energy balance. In your session, you  will receive a visual image of the aura you display in your own  biosphere for that moment. Using this information, I will guide you with  suggestions to raise your ch-energy and balance wellness.   

Aura energy session using Kirlian photography. Includes photo image,  graph, descriptive explanation of aura meaning, and personal ENERGY  HEALING coaching based on aura imagery. All of the above will be emailed  to you after the one-on-one session.  

This is an in-person session that will be conducted at events and monthly in Lakewood Ranch, FL

***Next monthly date is April 7th from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm)

*Non-refundable deposit required

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